We strive to provide quality, wholesome childcare facilities to help provide children with a strong foundation as they begin their education.


  • Activities

    Activities outside of school are often not a possibility for children living in poverty. We help provide music rentals, dance lessons, sports equipment, and more to facilitate a holistic and creative learning experience for the children we serve.

  • Birthday Parties

    Each other month we host a birthday party for all of the children in our program who have celebrated birthdays in those two months. This is something they may not have otherwise, and is fun for everyone!

  • Essential Needs

    We assist our participants in locating quality, low-cost medical care for themselves and their children. Additionally, we help with clothing, school supplies, and other necessities.

  • Literacy Skills

    We provide an on-site library of age appropriate books and educational materials to encourage a love of learning and a special way for mother and child to bond.

  • Peer Support

    Growing up in poverty with a mother who is working and in school is challenging. Having activities for the children helps them know they are not the only ones with a parent who is struggling.