• Financial Aid Support

    Assistance is provided to participants to navigate Pell Grant changes, government resources available to them, scholarship applications, and other forms of financial aid. Also, many educational institutions require certain tests to be completed pre- or post-enrollment, so WACS assists with testing fees as well.

  • Transportation

    The women in our program often face difficulty accessing reliable transportation to and from school, work, and childcare. We assist with this need, and to date, over 30 cars have been provided to the women at no charge. We also host car clinics where the women learn how to care for their car and receive repair services.

  • Asset Building

    We encourage participants to invest in their family’s future through workshops and seminars on budgeting, saving, and financial management.

  • Advocacy

    We advocate for our participants with community partners to ensure their families receive work support services, medical assistance, and housing.

  • Caseworker Meetings

    To enhance the accountability of each participant, they are required to communicate weekly, and meet one-on-one every month with a caseworker.

  • Reduce Time to Diploma

    Studies show that it can take student parents up to 16 years to pursue and achieve a bachelor’s degree. We aim to reduce this to four years for our participants.

  • Emergency Assistance

    One emergency could derail the entire future of a family in poverty. We provide limited emergency assistance to keep our participants on track for long-term success.

  • Peer Support

    The women of WACS work together to complete school projects and encourage each other to continue their education and accomplish their dreams.

  • Computer Lab

    Since a home computer or laptop is beyond reach for most of our program participants, we provide a quiet computer lab and study area for our women to study, which is adjacent to an study area for their children. This allows the children to emulate their mothers as they strive to improve their future.