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The Rewards of Being a WACS Mentor – Laneika Musalini

The Rewards of being a WACS Mentor

Being a WACS Mentor has been the highlight of my year! Once a participant in the program, I never dreamed that I would be fortunate enough to pour back into another single mom trying to further her education. My experience many years ago is so very different from what WACS participants experience now. When I was in the program I did not have a mentor so I looked up to my WACS “mom”, Mrs. Denise. She held my hand and encouraged me. She showed me my strength and ability. I will always cherish those moments.

paris and laneikaI thank God for my mentee, Paris. This young lady has taught me just as much as she has gleaned from me. Paris is special. She has two young daughters, beautiful girls. Paris decided that she would go back to school to further her education with dreams of one day starting her own business. Paris just graduated from Tri-County Technical College with an Associate’s Degree in Management. During her time as a student, Paris was thrown many curve balls. However, she persevered and didn’t let any of those balls strike her out. She mustered through the dust to finish with a homerun! Sometimes, I feel her in my spirit and I send her a scripture or a text message of encouragement to let her know that she is VICTORIOUS and to keep running. She always responds with a positive attitude. To see the fight in her brings joy to my heart. She is setting the best possible example for her daughters. In the fall she will begin matriculating at Erskine College towards a bachelor’s degree. I see this as the top of the 2nd inning. I am determined to see her hit a grand slam with this goal. I will be in the stands screaming and cheering her on, “Let’s Go Paris! You can do it!”

One thing that’s for sure is the rewards of mentoring a WACS participant are grand. As a  new WACS mentor in 2014, I was not sure what to expect. My mentee has truly made my job easy and pleasant. I get excited when I see her peeping her head into my office unexpectedly. I am always eager to hear what she has to say, how her classes are coming along, how the girls are doing, and any other information she may have. I even lend a listening ear when she needs to rant. It is okay because sometimes we just need to release things in order to feel better. I am so glad that God put Paris (and the WACS program) in my path. I have witnessed the lives that has been forever changed through this program. I am witnessing Paris’ life change right before my eyes. To be able to pour into someone and to help build their confidence while encouraging and motivating them is everything. At the end of this ball game, when the win has been captured and the fans have wandered away, I will be in the stands waiting for the next game to begin! Thank you WACS for making all lives matter! #BallGame #TeamParis #TeamWACS



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