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Alexis Bryant

Alexis Bryant is a recent graduate of both TriCounty Technical College and the WACS Program. She wrote the touching tale that follows about her experience and how much it meant to her family.

“When I entered the WACS program I was very scared and emotionally alone. My mom’s best friend teaches at Tri-County Technical College, and some of her students were in the Women and Children Succeeding Program. She mentioned it to my mom, and my mom and her wanted me to apply immediately. My mom has always been a hug e part in my success. She has pushed and encouraged me to become a better person. When I applied to the program, the thoughts that ran through my head were; ‘great another program that sees me as a poor helpless single mom on welfare.’ I knew I needed help though. When I first met Ms. Judy, she was tough, but more so ‘give me a hug, lets pray, and get up because you have a child to raise.’ This is not how I thought the meeting would go. She told me that this was not a hand out, but a hand up. I fell in love with the morals, the motive, and the people. I was accepted into the program and my next thoughts were ‘okay we are going to go to college to get a degree, and life will be fabulous.’ The Women and Children Succeeding Program is so much more than a degree, its way more than student loans, and a career. This program changed not only my life, but my daughters. When I first came into this program all I could say was ‘how am I going to do this?’ Now I know how to it, and how to be success at it. I came in as a woman that did not think you could be strong without a man, or because I was not able to keep my family together anymore that I had failed. It was mentally and emotionally tough; but by Ms. Judy’s and Marla’s, and so many others, strong examples and leadership skills I learned how important I am. I gained a degree, but I experienced mental growth. I can stand on my own two feet, and I have become a strong single mommy. The WACS program has showed me that I am important. They take you to elegant restaurants, main events, and are focused on improving your child’s life and future. At a recent sermon at church they were speaking about forgiveness, relationships, and your past. This is always a difficult sermon to hear. For me, this one was a little different. The preacher said you and only you have the power to change your circumstances, because it is your life. It is your story, and you get to decide the next chapter every single time. He said this is never an easy task to do, because we get into routines and even though it might be depressing we have made it our normal. He goes on to say that if you put your faith into a person, if you depend on a person, if you worship, idolize, or overly love a person they will fail you. This is because we are human, we are born sinners and we make mistakes. Only that kind of love is for Jesus because He doesn’t fail us. You have the power to change your past or current circumstance. And to think it could all start with an application to the WACS program. This program is changing life’s, and I am so proud to be a part of it, and to call myself a WACS girl.
Alexis Bryant”

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