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Ashley Hall

Ashley Hall and Kristi Graduation 2015

Meet Ashley Hall, a recent Clemson University Graduate and WACS participant. She is pictured here with AIM Executive Director, Kristi King-Brock.

In 2010, Ashley Hall and her family fell on hard times. Her husband’s business lost its footing, and they were faced with decisions they had not had to make before. They were running out of food and out of hope. They turned to the AIM Food Pantry for help. AIM assisted the Halls with food and some supportive services, but more importantly, AIM helped restore hope into their lives.

With AIM’s help, Ashley decided to be proactive and work toward a change in her family’s circumstances by furthering her education. Childcare for her two children was a major barrier, so Ashley applied to the WACS program and was given the support and resources she needed to be successful. Since Ashley began her journey with AIM, she has made the dean’s list twice and graduated in December, 2015, from Clemson. She is currently employed by the university. Ashley stated, “This program has changed every aspect of my life. From financial counseling to life coaching, from holding me accountable through volunteering to providing me with a mentor, AIM has given me the tools I need to be successful. AIM has given my family hope and a future.”

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