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Stephanie Robinson

Stephanie Robinson Clemson Graduation1

Meet Stephanie Robinson, a recent graduate from Clemson University and the WACS program. We are SO proud of you, Stephanie! Below, please read about her accomplishments in her own words.

“Graduating for me has been nothing short of a BIG DEAL. It was a big accomplishment and an even bigger chance for changing the lives of my daughter and I. Being determined to graduate on time, I had to cut down my hours at work during a month and was facing a problem of not knowing how I would be able to come up with the money to pay a portion of the fees. WACS stepped in and showed out for me! Not only did the organization help me this one time (because Lord knows I will not put myself in that position again) but they assured me that the gift of helping me was what they do and I shouldn’t feel bad about needing that help. Because of this and many other blessings they provide, I was able to walk the stage proudly and on time.

WACS motivates and continues to push me through this big transition from needing assistance to becoming financially independent, economically smarter, and unconditionally loved. I thank God for WACS, it’s wonderful staff, my WACS sisters, and the goodness of the hearts of those who donate to make this all happen.” -Stephanie Robinson, Clemson Graduate and WACS Participant

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